iplomatic careers focus on knowledge and expertise in the fields of social sciences like international relations, politics, and economics. A career in diplomacy is not for everyone. Only the most meritorious students who have a strong conviction for government service and a vivid background knowledge of international affairs can excel as a diplomat. Being a diplomat can open up several avenues for students of international relations. A foreign service officer like an ambassador is as much of a diplomat as is an administrative executive working in the foreign ministry of a country. Most importantly, the best scope for launching your career as a diplomat is located in the United Nations, that employs several valuable professionals from varied professions.

Opportunities at Sharda University

Sharda University offers a vast curriculum of courses for aspiring diplomats from both India as well as developing African nations like Zambia and Nigeria etc. With a highly-skilled, experienced, and dedicated world-class faculty in the Sharda School of Humanities and Social Sciences, ambitious students who seek to establish themselves in the international arenas of diplomacy have all the support they can need. Sharda University also has facilities of global scholarships for international students from African countries like Zambia and Nigeria that enable them to bag up to 100% scholarships based on their merit and proficiency.

Courses offered by Sharda University for aspiring Diplomats

Sharda University has ample courses for meritorious and ambitious African students, specifically from countries like Zambia, to choose from. These African countries have been known to have several problems concerning foreign and international relations which can only be solved by innovative approaches proposed by the new generation of diplomats. As a result, hordes of Zambian students have relocated to the Noida region of India to enrol for undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (honours) courses made available at Sharda University’s Noida campus. Courses like History, Sociology, Political Science, English, and Geography are available as undergraduate degrees while these same courses are also available at the postgraduate level for Zambian students who have completed their undergraduate degrees from elsewhere. Moreover, Sharda University also has upcoming courses like PhD in the above subjects.

Diplomats prefer Sharda University over others

In addition to the wide range of prospective courses, Sharda University has another ace up their sleeve, which is foreign language proficiency courses. Sharda University School of Foreign Languages has a rich collection of courses led by a culturally diverse and highly educated faculty that train students in languages like German, French, and Spanish so that they are able to become successful diplomats with a collection of foreign languages to their accolades. Professional diplomats like political officers, economic officers, administrative officers, consular officers, public diplomacy officers, as well as several categories of foreign service officers have deemed Sharda University an education centre fit for producing the required quality of diplomats for the future of international relations. Furthermore, the cultural exposure at Sharda University adds to this offering.

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