ccording to reports from websites like Salary Explorer, the top highest paying jobs in Malawi is that of doctors and surgeons to be more specific. This rank is followed by judges, lawyers and then bank managers. Other lines of work that also fall under one of the highest paying jobs in Malawi are corporate CEOs, CFOs, orthodontists, professors, pilots and marketing executives. It is not surprising that colleges and universities in India are currently offering extremely affordable courses to Malawian students seeking to secure one of these highest paying jobs in Malawi. Doctors and surgeons are considered as the highest paying jobs in Malawi due to their annual income reaching into 7.3 million Malawian Kwacha (MWK).

How can students pursue medical career in Malawi?

The prominent Malawi Medical Journal had published an article in 2016 that demonstrated the personal reflections of Malcolm E. Molyneux, a medical student who studied medicine at a nationally renowned medical institute of Malawi. According to Malcolm’s reflections, there have been an increasing number of Malawian youth who have enrolled in medical courses and more have continued postgraduate studies. Therefore, we can understand from this the craze for one of the highest paying jobs in Malawi. Students are required to complete the full length of their schooling either from a public or private school and only then can they enrol for a medical course that can instill in them the motivation to acquire one of the highest paying jobs in Malawi.

Scope of marketing career in Malawi

Marketing and network marketing have become quite popular in the recent decade, and there are several courses in countries like UK, USA and Canada that offer promising marketing courses to international students. These courses can empower students to secure one of the highest paying jobs in Malawi. However, countries like India offer more affordable variations for these courses that are equally capable of endowing Malawian students to secure the highest paying jobs in Malawi as marketing objectives. Management and marketing have been touted to be sectors that offer some of the highest paying jobs in Malawi, and hence it is but obvious that hordes of Malawian students pursue these careers.

Law courses in India for Malawian students

Since the posts of lawyers and judges are also some of the highest paying jobs in Malawi, students often involve themselves with these courses both in Malawian universities at home or foreign universities abroad. Indian universities have several courses on international law as well as distance courses for Malawian students who wish to master their native law and secure one of the highest paying jobs in Malawi as a lawyer or a judge. Studying law from an Indian institute is highly sought after by Malawian students. Moreover, the high degree of academic precision and exposure that can be experienced by students studying law in India can prove to be highly beneficial for students seeking to bag the highest paying jobs in Malawi as a lawyer.

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