he development of the IT sector in India has been closely linked to the advancement of computer literacy and computer science education in India. The 1980s saw the beginning of postgraduate programs in computer science that offered phenomenal opportunities for the Indian youth to engage in this rapidly developing sector of the Indian economy. Fast forward to the 21st century, India is now known to be one of the top suppliers of software engineers in the world and is also the best destination to study computer science out of many on the list. Moreover, India’s Bengaluru is among the top IT hubs of the world ranking side by side with cities like New York, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Singapore, and London.

Top Rankings in Computer Skills

A Stanford University study revealed recently that India statistically ranks at par with countries like Russia and China in the level of computer skills of its IT professionals. Indian computer science professionals rank high not just in quality but in quantity as well with several thousands of computer science graduates passing out each year to populate the IT sector of India. This has in turn spurred growth in the development of the educational infrastructure towards IT-oriented courses making India the best destination to study computer science in the Asia and Africa regions.


Bringing Down Boundaries

Since the development of modern Internet and Communications Technologies (ICT), students studying computer science have experienced an infrastructural upgrade wherein they are no longer limited to classroom lectures. Many private universities of India that teach accredited computer science courses, have international industry professionals providing guest lectures through video conferencing. In order to become the best destination to study computer science, Indian universities have successfully brought down geographical boundaries to connect students with teachers.

Variety of Courses to Choose from

Given the massive demand of the Indian youth in pursuing a career in the computer science and information technology (IT) sector, numerous colleges and universities have sprung up with an array of professional courses. To cater to this rising demand for IT and Computer Science (CS) courses in India, universities provide students with diploma courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and even postgraduate diplomas in the various disciplines of CS. With such a wide variety of courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Applications, Computer Science and Technology, Computer Engineering, and Computer Networking, India has become the best destination to study computer science for students of Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Renowned Universities for Computer Science

One of the most esteemed private universities of India, Sharda University, located in Greater Noida, has a modern School of Computer Science and Engineering that offers students a plethora of choices when it comes to CS courses. Courses in CS at Sharda University are not limited to the core subjects but also include data science, IoT application, blockchain development, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, networking and cybersecurity, software engineering, and even multimedia and animation. Hence, international students who are looking for the best destination to study computer science need not look further as Sharda University is not just a portal to advanced education but also a new academic way of life.

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