The system of higher education in Malawi is quite different from that in India. Quality higher education in Malawi is practically a challenge since there is an immense lack of educational institutions in the country that offer effective teaching, research facilities, knowledge transfer and a broad international outlook. However, primary education in Malawi is relatively more widespread and available to the general population since it was made free in 1994. This led to the increased enrolment of Malawian students to public schools. As a result, the education infrastructure in Malawi, which is still in many ways inadequate, was not able to handle the pressure due to the lack of adequate teaching faculty.

Education in Malawi

The Malawian education systemcan be broken down into the typical four streams, including primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary education. The Malawian government has made the initial eight years of primary education mandatory for the citizens of the nation while it is four years of secondary education that is not compulsory. But, during this time, students sit for the Malawi Junior National Certificate exam, which is organised by the board of education in Malawi.

Another important pillar of the education system in Malawi is the Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training Authority,’ which ensures necessary vocational training is imparted to the working population of the country. In the form of tertiary education of Malawi, there exist only three universities that offer the basic education infrastructure for students seeking to pursue higher studies.

Studying in India

Higher education in India is something that is highly sought after by African students since the country has an enormous abundance of quality private as well as public educational institutions on offer. The facilities for Malawian students in India are considered supreme as compared to the education system in Malawi. The warm and accepting atmosphere of the Indian education system towards African students is an added bonus for Malawian students going abroad to study in India.

Since the 1950s, the Indian government has initiated several attractive scholarship offers and education schemes for African students, which have proven extremely beneficial for Malawian students as compared to the schemes and scholarships available in Malawi. One of the anticipations of Malawian students is the white supremacist social order handed down by the British, but modern India has shed its colonial shell and become a more accepting and cosmopolitan society.

Why Malawian students go to study in India?

One of the prime reasons why Malawian students seek foreign education in India is the cost involved. Education in India is relatively cheaper than in western countries. And, the quality of education is far better than education of Malawi. Moreover, the infrastructure provided by the education system in India is suitable for research and knowledge transfer. Also, India has a rich cosmopolitan culture that cannot be found in Malawi.

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