ndia has been rapidly growing as the modern hub of superior quality higher education in Asia since the beginning of the 21st century. Many students from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and even Sri Lanka migrate to fulfill their academic ambitions by availing affordable education in India. With the development of digitization facilitated by the entry of innovative technology into India, the education sector has progressed significantly towards coming at par with that of western universities. Specifically, the privately run universities and colleges have begun providing ample scope of affordable quality education in India for foreigners.

Fast-growing Economy

Being the second-most populous country in the world, India has an economy that is growing at a tremendous rate almost close to that of China, making affordable education a reality. With such a wide span of developments in various fields like engineering, IT, medical, social sciences, and finance, universities have recognised the need for affordable education in India. This facilitates not just Indian students but also foreign nationals who aim to become successful professionals in these fields. Due to a high influx of inbound and outbound trade between India and several other countries, the economy has been boosted to such a level that providing affordable educationto foreign students has become possible.


Multicultural Exposure

Especially for aspiring students from African countries who are looking for a destination for quality higher education, the comprehensive and affordable quality education in India offers a lucrative opportunity. Such students upon enrolling in Indian universities get to experience a plethora of cultures and ethnicities that they have never seen before. Specifically, the national capital region is not just a destination for affordable quality education in India but also a hub of massive cultural diversity. Foreign students learn to interact and mingle with these diverse cultures, thus adding to their emotional intelligence and professional competencies of communication skills.

International Scholarships

Many Indian higher education institutes like Sharda University offer attractive scholarship programmes for the most meritorious foreign students to enable them to avail the benefits of affordable quality education in India. Further, global and international scholarship programmes available with several of the renowned and accredited universities of India have eligibility criteria that are suitable for foreign students from Asia and Africa such that they may pursue their higher education with the help of these schemes of affordable education.

Hub of Affordable Quality Education in India

The Greater Noida campus of Sharda University is equipped with all the modern technological interfaces required for 21st-century education. Beginning with the advanced state-of-the-art audio-visual teaching aids that ensure a wholesome learning experience for foreign students to opportunities for fun and frolic in the form of leisurely extracurricular activities, the university has it all. All of these add to the entire student experience that Sharda University promises along with the guarantee of affordable quality education in India. With several international students currently studying at Sharda, freshers are welcomed with a pre-existent cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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