he food industry is a rapidly rising one in Malawi, and food processing courses in India are held in high regard in the Malawian food industry. The esteemed food processing courses in India that are offered by some of the most prominent universities of the country, like Sharda University, have been known to help Malawian students establish a sound career in the food industry back home. With the food and beverage industry being a flourishing industry and Indian food being sought-after globally, food processing courses in India enable students to align their careers on this path. Hence, over the years, there have been several Malawian students enrolling in food processing courses in India.

Food Processing Industry in Malawi

The food processing industry in Malawi comprises both small and medium sized enterprises that are highly inclined towards hiring candidates who have studied food processing courses in India. This industry controls 4.5% of the national GDP of Malawi. There are several aspects of food processing like maintaining the HACCP standards that are taught in food processing courses in India, and these skills are in high demand in the food processing industry of Malawi. Moreover, the agricultural perspective taught in the food processing courses in India is highly valued in Malawi since the country faces an issue with preservation of unseasonal produce.

Benefits of Food Processing courses in India

Food processing courses in India consist of several types of courses beginning with vocational training and diplomas to master’s degree in Food Technology courses. The diploma level courses can be availed by Malawian students who have passed the higher secondary school certificate exams of Malawi while the master’s Food processing courses in India are apt for Malawian graduates from any science field. The food processing courses in India have a vast curriculum that spans technology, food safety, food preservation, food preparation, and food service. These courses are affordable and some colleges and universities have been known to offer attractive packages to African students including lodging as well.

Scope of Indian food processing courses in Malawi

As stated earlier, there are several benefits and rewarding careers for Malawian students who have completed food processing courses in India. Since the Malawian system of higher education is yet to integrate modern infrastructure to facilitate students, akin to the food processing courses in India, securing a food processing degree from India for Malawian aspirants who aim to build a career in food processing is of utmost significance. The food processing courses in India offer a fully furnished infrastructure that includes well-equipped laboratories and knowledgeable faculties. These are coupled with a fervent academic environment and warmth of the Indian culture that is rich and cosmopolitan to accommodate African students. Besides a career in the Malawian food processing industry, completing food processing courses in India opens up the additional opportunity for Malawian students to get placement within India and settle there too.

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