alawi as a country has been undergoing several devMlopments in political, social, and economic spheres. However, education is something that the country has been lacking for quite some time. In terms of primary and secondary education at the school level, African countries like Malawi have indeed seen some improvement. However, the educational infrastructure for higher education has been one that hasn’t been much-worked upon. As a result, several aspiring scholars have been enrolling at some of the most affordable universities in India for Malawian students. To better understand how and why such Indian universities have become so popular, we need to first take a closer look at the existing infrastructure of higher education in Malawi.

Zomba, the university town of Malawi

For a few years now meritorious Malawians have been migrating to India to study in affordable universities. Since 1964, the higher education system has been controlled by the University of Malawi in Zomba. Notably, Zomba was the former capital of Malawi. But today, it is a thriving city that features several colleges. The issue of accessibility to higher education creeps in when students from remote areas of Malawi are not able to gain access to such an educational infrastructure. This is one reason why many aspirants are moving to affordable universities in India for Malawian students.

Superior higher education infrastructure in India

Affordable universities for Malawian students have become a reality in India simply because of the rapidly developing sector of privatised higher education in the country. The government has been investing in the advancement of higher education in the country to the extent that students from Malawi have been regularly enrolling themselves for both online and offline courses at the affordable universities in India for Malawian students. As of today, several Indian universities are offering Malawian students with highly accredited degrees at the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and even certificate levels. The quality of such education has improved so much that it can be compared to that of western universities.

Affordable living in India

Apart from the fact that the country has been offering choices of high-quality universities for Malawian students, housing and accommodation costs are also negligible as compared to that of western countries. There are no student debts to deal with and affordable fresh meat and vegetables are available from a stone’s throw of any student accommodation. This is a major attraction for many aspirants who are aiming to enrol in affordable universities in India for Malawian students. Malawians who are looking to gain admission into Indian universities often opt for lodging at the budget-friendly hostels provided by such universities.

Sharda University of India

The Sharda University of India is one of the best and affordable universities in India for Malawian students because of its world-class educational infrastructure. Along with a team of highly experienced industry professionals as faculty, Sharda University also offers a campus experience like no other. This is what sets it apart from all other universities that Malawian students consider when thinking about studying in India.

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