5 Simple (But Important) Things to Remember About Pre-Departure Briefing of International Students

The only thing left to do after getting accepted and receiving a visa is to take a flight to your final destination. Despite the applicant's excitement, there is still much to be accomplished. Before making the important decision to go to another country, one should take care of several details. At Rao Consultants, we take care of the numerous extra procedures needed for the student to successfully settle in the new nation, including housing, travel and health insurance, and other necessities.

The institutions we work with have strong policies in place for caring for international students. They are prompt in their acts and very sensitive when handling any issues, the pupils may have while they are there. Additionally, Pastoral Care Programs are put in place to give students a supportive environment.

During pre-departure briefings, students are informed on a variety of topics, including the customs and culture of the destination nation. The students may encounter residents with whom they disagree because of the apparent cultural differences, or they may even experience severe culture shock. They are informed of the acceptable conduct and etiquette that are expected of them. We also give the kids advice on the emergency and medical procedures they should follow. They receive a briefing on where the campus's essential services, bookstores, and secure entertainment options are located. We also provide the students with important banking information and calling cards that they will require right away.

The pre-departure briefing is a comprehensive information package that makes sure the student is aware of their destination nation. It attempts to equip the students with the independence and resources they need to thrive in a foreign environment.

Important tasks you should complete before packing your backpack

  • Health-related things:

Foreign medical care is quite expensive, particularly for dental and eye care. Therefore, it is a smart idea to have your entire body checked before you depart. It is crucial for you to stay healthy while you are traveling; you don't want a chronic sickness or mental health problems to taint your recollections. Before you leave, take care of yourself, stock up on vitamins, and make sure you have a strong network of friends and family to lean on when times are tough.

You will inevitably experience nausea or a case of homesickness, but as long as you were ready for them before leaving, you will recover fast and resume living the adventure of a lifetime. Before you travel, talk to your doctor or a mental health expert so that you are prepared with plans of action and answers to any problems that may arise.

Check out and begin early on the obligatory immunizations that the nation requires. You are allowed to bring some inexpensive basic medications from overseas.

  • Luggage and handbags:

Each check-in bag's total linear dimensions shouldn't be more than 158 cm. The total weight cannot be more than 20 to 25 kg. This fluctuates from flight to flight once more. You may only transport one handbag. There should be a restriction on the maximum weight of hand luggage, often 5 to 10 kilograms. You can share your luggage with someone who is not over the limit if you are traveling with pals. It is essential to have Transportation Security Administration (TSA) locks.

  • Essentials for cooking:

Discover how to prepare basic foods including dal, rice, and vegetables. A 3 to 7-litre pressure cooker, some traditional masala, and spices are all transportable. However, a lot of these items are readily available elsewhere.

  • University Documents:

Students should take great care with their writing. Before leaving for abroad, it is vital to have every piece of paperwork stacked up properly. The required paperwork is as follows:

  • papers from the university, such as a confirmation of enrollment;
  • original transcripts
  • Passports and ID cards
  • A copy of your passport; e. a copy of your visa.
  • Airline Tickets
  • School Records
  • Original grade reports
  • Letters of recommendation  
  • TOEFL and IELTS score reports 
  • Certificates of immunization


For a student who struggles due to a lack of information, choosing to study abroad can change their entire life. Before going abroad for higher education, there are several things to think about. An important part of moving abroad preparation is having a briefing session.

A pre-departure briefing session is a special occasion created to assist students in adjusting to a new way of life depending on where they are going. To learn more about the nation, culture, and way of life, students whose visa applications were approved are invited to pre-departure briefing sessions. They are often held over the course of a day or half-day and involve talks and workshops that will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin your international studies with confidence.

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