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15 Oct, 2022 Saturday

Why Students Choosing India for Higher Studies

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India For Higher Studies

India, one of the economies with the quickest growth, is currently emerging as the global hub for higher education. The Indian education system, which is the second-largest higher education system in the world and has…

23 Mar, 2022 Wednesday

Tips to Overcome Culture Shock while Studying Abroad

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Culture Shock While Studying Abroad

From applying to a course for studying abroad to getting selected for the same to packing for that big trip, things seem pretty much exciting. And, the minute you land on foreign land, you get…

28 Dec, 2021 Tuesday

Importance of Choosing a Perfect Destination for Studying Abroad

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Choosing the Right Destination

Studying abroad can be a great experience. But with it, comes the huge responsibility of making several big decisions. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when considering studying abroad is choosing…

05 Jul, 2021 Monday

How to choose the right student accommodation in foreign countries?

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Right student accommodation

When it comes to studying abroad, accommodation is one of the most important things to think about. It is no easy task to select a place that will serve as your new home for the…

29 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

Sharda University Has Become The First Choice of Diplomats for Their Education

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 International relations

Diplomatic careers focus on knowledge and expertise in the fields of social sciences like international relations, politics, and economics. A career in diplomacy is not for everyone. Only the most meritorious students who have a strong…

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