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28 Feb, 2023 Tuesday

Which is the Best City to Study in India?

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Best City to Study in India

India is a nation with many top-notch educational institutes. After China and the United States, India has the third-largest higher education system in the world. Several students from all over the world apply to study…

24 Jun, 2021 Thursday

7 Tips to Secure a Job after an Education Abroad in India

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Job after an Education Abroad in India

The ultimate goal of studying is to get placed in a firm and earn a living. Job makes one feel settled. It makes students financially independent of their parents or guardians. However, a job after an…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Planning Matters if You are Going to Study Abroad from Malawi

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Study Abroad from Malawi

Malawian students have been going abroad to complete their higher education for quite a few years and this is mostly because the higher education system of Malawi is still not up to the mark when…

31 May, 2021 Monday

Why India is the Best Destination to Study Computer Science?

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Best Destination to Study Computer Science

The development of the IT sector in India has been closely linked to the advancement of computer literacy and computer science education in India. The 1980s saw the beginning of postgraduate programs in computer science…

13 May, 2021 Thursday

Any short course in India for students from Malawi?

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Short Courses in India for Malawian Students

Malawi has long been among the poorest and least developed countries of the world. However, with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, this country has been shoved onto the path to progress. With reducing…

30 Apr, 2021 Friday

Best and Affordable Universities in India for Malawi Students

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 Affordable Universities in India for Malawian

Malawi as a country has been undergoing several developments in political, social, and economic spheres. However, education is something that the country has been lacking for quite some time. In terms of primary and secondary…

08 Apr, 2021 Thursday

How Education Can Save Lives

 How Education can Save Lives

Education is a powerful tool of enlightenment and empowerment, especially for the poor and vulnerable members of society. The power of education lies in its ability to unlock widespread development across a country and leads…

11 Mar, 2021 Thursday

How India is Shaping Education with New Education Policy?

Education Policy
Higher Education System

The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Education has recently released a new ruling on the educational policy, known as the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This policy states that primary…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

A Complete Guide: How to Choose Your Engineering Degree Program?

How To Choose Engineering Degree
How to Choose Engineering Degree

Engineering is indeed a vast subject and in recent years, it has further branched out to several new streams that have added to the dilemma of students. In their early years, students are often influenced…

24 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

How International Students Can Join Indian University?

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International Students

There are many ways in which international students can enroll for several levels of educational courses in Indian universities. They can join through direct admission, student exchange programmes, and merit-based scholarships. However, this process of…

04 Feb, 2021 Thursday

Lets Discuss : Major Challenges in Adopting Online Education

Eeducational Infrastructure

Hello Everyone in today’s blog we will discuss about Major Challenges in Adopting Online Education. With the advent of the global health crisis in 2020, educational institutions along with several other organisations closed their doors…

29 Jan, 2021 Friday

Study And Multi-Cultural Exposure in India

Study Exposure in India

Higher studies do not only mean slogging away on the campus, attending classes, sitting for exams and completing college assignments. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. It also consists of…

20 Jan, 2021 Wednesday

Affordable Quality Education in India

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Affordable Quality Education in India

India has been rapidly growing as the modern hub of superior quality higher education in Asia since the beginning of the 21st century. Many students from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and even…

29 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

Sharda University Has Become The First Choice of Diplomats for Their Education

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 International relations

Diplomatic careers focus on knowledge and expertise in the fields of social sciences like international relations, politics, and economics. A career in diplomacy is not for everyone. Only the most meritorious students who have a strong…

22 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

Requirements of Health Care Professionals in Malawi

Health Care Professionals in Malawi

One of the most pressing problems concerning health care professionals in African countries is actually the lack of them. Malawi similarly faces such a crisis of experienced and competent health care professionals. The dire need…

17 Nov, 2020 Tuesday

Which are The Highest Paying Jobs in Malawi?

Highest Paying jobs in Malawi

According to reports from websites like Salary Explorer, the top highest paying jobs in Malawi is that of doctors and surgeons to be more specific. This rank is followed by judges, lawyers and then bank managers. Other…

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