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24 Jul, 2023 Monday

Unity in Diversity: Global University's Commitment to Cultivating an Inclusive Campus Culture

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Unity in Diversity

Universities are crucial in forming the next generation of societal leaders in the linked world of today. To create a stimulating learning environment that equips students to succeed in a worldwide society, a varied and…

28 Apr, 2023 Friday

5 Simple Things to Remember About Pre-Departure Briefing of International Students

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Pre Departure Briefing

The only thing left to do after getting accepted and receiving a visa is to take a flight to your final destination. Despite the applicant's excitement, there is still much to be accomplished. Before making…

25 Apr, 2023 Tuesday

Careers You Can Choose from After an Undergraduate Degree in Bachelors In Technology

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Undergraduate Degree in Bachelors In Technology

A bachelor's in technology degree, generally known as an engineering degree, is one of the most sought-after academic degrees today. But what should I do after I finish my technology degree? Which curriculum should you…

17 Feb, 2022 Thursday

Don't Fall for These Widespread Myths About Student Loans

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Myths about Student Loans

Students often take education loans to study abroad. It helps to pay the tuition fees and takes care of major expenses like living. However, many people often drop the plan of studying abroad because of…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Planning Matters if You are Going to Study Abroad from Malawi

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Study Abroad from Malawi

Malawian students have been going abroad to complete their higher education for quite a few years and this is mostly because the higher education system of Malawi is still not up to the mark when…

30 Apr, 2021 Friday

Best and Affordable Universities in India for Malawi Students

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 Affordable Universities in India for Malawian

Malawi as a country has been undergoing several developments in political, social, and economic spheres. However, education is something that the country has been lacking for quite some time. In terms of primary and secondary…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

A Complete Guide: How to Choose Your Engineering Degree Program?

How To Choose Engineering Degree
How to Choose Engineering Degree

Engineering is indeed a vast subject and in recent years, it has further branched out to several new streams that have added to the dilemma of students. In their early years, students are often influenced…

24 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

How International Students Can Join Indian University?

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International Students

There are many ways in which international students can enroll for several levels of educational courses in Indian universities. They can join through direct admission, student exchange programmes, and merit-based scholarships. However, this process of…

29 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

Sharda University Has Become The First Choice of Diplomats for Their Education

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 International relations

Diplomatic careers focus on knowledge and expertise in the fields of social sciences like international relations, politics, and economics. A career in diplomacy is not for everyone. Only the most meritorious students who have a strong…

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