rom applying to a course for studying abroad to getting selected for the same to packing for that big trip, things seem pretty much exciting. And, the minute you land on foreign land, you get occupied in soaking all the newness surrounding you. In the midst of all this, you tend to have feelings of confusion, awkwardness, hesitation, and uncertainty. The occurrence of these feelings upon finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment or culture is known as ‘culture shock. Not many might be aware that factors like diverse culinary traditions, language, weather conditions, and new rules may result in culture shock. Some of its common symptoms are anxiety, depression, homesickness, sleeplessness, isolation, decreased productivity, personality changes and poor time management.

However, culture shock can easily be dealt with by following some real strategies. Mentioned below are some of the effective ways for dealing with culture shock while studying abroad.

  1. Accept that adjusting takes time: The first step to overcome culture shock is to realize the fact that adjusting to a new place takes time. It is important for you to be patient with yourself and not lose calm. Give time to yourself to adjust to the new setup. Feeling culturally shocked is totally normal for all international students, so don’t be harsh on yourself.

  2. Have a positive attitude: You might feel that you are missing certain foods and festivals back home, but you need to focus on the good things around yourself. For overcoming culture shock, try to learn new things and remind yourself as to why you thought of studying abroad in the first place. You can also try writing all the good things of the host country in a notebook and go through the list whenever you are feeling low.

  3. Stay in touch with family and friends: Don’t face all these things alone. Stay connected at all times with your friends and family back home. Talk to them and discuss whatever you are feeling so that they can help you during this tough time. Don’t lose hope and stay motivated.

  4. Make new connections: Start conversations with your peers in the host country. This may prove helpful in overcoming cultural shock. Building new connections and getting involved with the local community might also help you in adjusting to the new place. You may also look forward to exploring the area with your new friends!

  5. Be a part of social and cultural events: There are different cultural and social events organized by a city from time to time. Make sure to be a part of these events on a regular basis. You can also grab the opportunity to volunteer in these events. This may not only help you bond with other students but also prove to be a wonderful learning experience.

  6. Try different ways to relieve stress: To overcome culture shock, find diverse ways for alleviating stress. You can start pursuing a new hobby or learn new recipes or even join a club for playing different sports. You can also try meditation or yoga for relaxing your mind. You can also check your visa requirements and find part-time work in your favorite field.

You need to remember that culture shock is extremely common, so you don’t feel that you are alone in this situation. Stay patient and follow the above-mentioned steps to get over cultural shock while studying abroad.

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