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28 Dec, 2023 Thursday

Pathways to Employment: Navigating the Journey of Finding a Job as an International Student

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Almost all graduates dream of getting a job after graduation. To obtain a well-earned income and experience, it's time to enter the professional workforce after years of arduous labour and late-night study sessions in the…

18 Nov, 2023 Saturday

Elevating Horizons: Unveiling the Career Benefits of Studying Abroad for International Students

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Best in Class Higher Education
Elevating Horizons

The importance of an international education cannot be emphasized in today's increasingly globalized society. Numerous benefits, ranging from personal development to cultural immersion, come with studying abroad. The significant impact it can have on international…

09 Aug, 2023 Wednesday

Applying for Scholarships in India: Key Steps and Requirements for International Students

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 Scholarships in India

India has become one of the top locations for foreign students looking for higher education. Students from all over the world are drawn to the nation's academic prospects because of the wide variety of universities…

05 Aug, 2023 Saturday

Experience India's Education and Culture: A Journey of a Lifetime for International Students

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Best in Class Higher Education
Study in India

For international students seeking an extraordinary and life-changing educational experience, India beckons with its rich tapestry of education and culture. From ancient wisdom to cutting-edge research, this diverse nation offers an immersive journey that transcends…

26 Jul, 2023 Wednesday

Global Education for a Sustainable Future: How Universities Are Addressing Environmental and Social Issues

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Environmental and Social Issues

To address urgent global issues like environmental deterioration and socioeconomic inequity, universities are essential. They can promote sustainable development and bring about positive change since they are hubs of innovation and knowledge. Universities all across…

24 Jul, 2023 Monday

Unity in Diversity: Global University's Commitment to Cultivating an Inclusive Campus Culture

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Unity in Diversity

Universities are crucial in forming the next generation of societal leaders in the linked world of today. To create a stimulating learning environment that equips students to succeed in a worldwide society, a varied and…

28 Apr, 2023 Friday

5 Simple Things to Remember About Pre-Departure Briefing of International Students

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Pre Departure Briefing

The only thing left to do after getting accepted and receiving a visa is to take a flight to your final destination. Despite the applicant's excitement, there is still much to be accomplished. Before making…

25 Apr, 2023 Tuesday

Careers You Can Choose from After an Undergraduate Degree in Bachelors In Technology

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Undergraduate Degree in Bachelors In Technology

A bachelor's in technology degree, generally known as an engineering degree, is one of the most sought-after academic degrees today. But what should I do after I finish my technology degree? Which curriculum should you…

28 Feb, 2023 Tuesday

Which is the Best City to Study in India?

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Best City to Study in India

India is a nation with many top-notch educational institutes. After China and the United States, India has the third-largest higher education system in the world. Several students from all over the world apply to study…

15 Oct, 2022 Saturday

Why Students Choosing India for Higher Studies

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India For Higher Studies

India, one of the economies with the quickest growth, is currently emerging as the global hub for higher education. The Indian education system, which is the second-largest higher education system in the world and has…

17 Feb, 2022 Thursday

Don't Fall for These Widespread Myths About Student Loans

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Myths about Student Loans

Students often take education loans to study abroad. It helps to pay the tuition fees and takes care of major expenses like living. However, many people often drop the plan of studying abroad because of…

31 Jan, 2022 Monday

Tips to Manage your Expenses while Studying Abroad

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Manage your Expense

As an international student, managing your finances can be difficult. However, with some fundamental preparation and comprehension, you will have sufficient cash for utilities. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you manage…

28 Dec, 2021 Tuesday

Importance of Choosing a Perfect Destination for Studying Abroad

Campus Life,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Choosing the Right Destination

Studying abroad can be a great experience. But with it, comes the huge responsibility of making several big decisions. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when considering studying abroad is choosing…

03 Sep, 2021 Friday

The Positive Impact on Students Career While Studying Abroad

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Career While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for a student. In addition to being exposed to an entirely different lifestyle and culture, they get to learn to become

independent and self-reliant.…

05 Jul, 2021 Monday

How to choose the right student accommodation in foreign countries?

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Right student accommodation

When it comes to studying abroad, accommodation is one of the most important things to think about. It is no easy task to select a place that will serve as your new home for the…

24 Jun, 2021 Thursday

7 Tips to Secure a Job after an Education Abroad in India

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Job after an Education Abroad in India

The ultimate goal of studying is to get placed in a firm and earn a living. Job makes one feel settled. It makes students financially independent of their parents or guardians. However, a job after an…

15 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Top 7 Requirements to Study Abroad From India

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Requirements to Study Abroad from India

With the access to cost of living, tuition fees, scholarships, and education loans, students from India can now easily go to any part of the world for higher education. Interactive student-teacher sessions, state-of-the-art facilities, well-known…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Planning Matters if You are Going to Study Abroad from Malawi

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Study Abroad from Malawi

Malawian students have been going abroad to complete their higher education for quite a few years and this is mostly because the higher education system of Malawi is still not up to the mark when…

31 May, 2021 Monday

Why India is the Best Destination to Study Computer Science?

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Best Destination to Study Computer Science

The development of the IT sector in India has been closely linked to the advancement of computer literacy and computer science education in India. The 1980s saw the beginning of postgraduate programs in computer science…

13 May, 2021 Thursday

Any short course in India for students from Malawi?

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Short Courses in India for Malawian Students

Malawi has long been among the poorest and least developed countries of the world. However, with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, this country has been shoved onto the path to progress. With reducing…

30 Apr, 2021 Friday

Best and Affordable Universities in India for Malawi Students

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 Affordable Universities in India for Malawian

Malawi as a country has been undergoing several developments in political, social, and economic spheres. However, education is something that the country has been lacking for quite some time. In terms of primary and secondary…

16 Apr, 2021 Friday

Top 5 Trends in Higher Education

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Trends in Higher Education

Today in this blog we will discuss the top five trends in higher education in detail. Through this changing world, we have seen many innovations and initiatives in all areas of life. Significant changes have…

24 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

How International Students Can Join Indian University?

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International Students

There are many ways in which international students can enroll for several levels of educational courses in Indian universities. They can join through direct admission, student exchange programmes, and merit-based scholarships. However, this process of…

20 Jan, 2021 Wednesday

Affordable Quality Education in India

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Affordable Quality Education in India

India has been rapidly growing as the modern hub of superior quality higher education in Asia since the beginning of the 21st century. Many students from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and even…

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