f late, Indian universities have become a favourite spot for higher education for international students’ due to its lower costs, high quality of education and living, and many other factors. African students can now take advantage of India’s better infrastructure, quality of teaching, and international universities; and carve out a niche for themselves by studying at a truly global learning environment in India at Sharda University.

Since its inception in 2009, Sharda University offers a global learning environment at its 63-acre campus with 250+ global tie-ups, 216 programmes and 13000+ students on campus. Students from 85+ countries have experienced Sharda and the University has a 47500+ strong alumni network, and over 80% placement record.

Let us have a closer look at the reasons why Malawi students favor Sharda University for their education:

  1. Truly international learning experiences: Over the years, students from over 85 countries have studied and taken advantage of a wide variety of courses offered, global faculty members, better classrooms, labs and amenities, and excellent placement facilities. 

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  1. Better infrastructure and modern amenities: India now has a well-developed road, railways, and air traffic network, making it possible for students to travel quickly from one location to another. Education institutes like Sharda University have excellent connectivity via a well-laid Metro network in and around Delhi, India’s capital city. All the metropolitan cities have metro connectivity, and even the Tier-2 towns like Lucknow, Jaipur, and others have metro transportation for easy navigation.
  2. Better placement opportunities: There are a large number of companies and industries in India, and thanks to Indian PM’s ‘Make in India’ program, their numbers are estimated to increase in the future, which, in turn, will bring more employment opportunities for the students studying in India.
  1. Lower cost of living: It is a well-known fact that Indian currency is much cheaper than its counterparts like the US, UK, and European, which is a blessing in disguise for international students studying in India, as they can get good value upon conversion of their currency.
  1. High standards of education: India is a top-rated education destination known for its high-quality educational institutes. Be it engineering, medical, or any other field of education, India has a global pool of eminent teaching faculty, and Indian Universities are not lagging behind as compared its US or UK counterparts when it comes to quality education.
  1. Scholarship opportunities: Nowadays,many educational institutes like Sharda University offer merit-based scholarships to students in many courses based on the scores obtained in IELTS, TOEFL tests, which again saves costs of the international students opting to study in India. To date, 2000+ scholarships have been awarded to students at Sharda University.
  1. International exposure: Besides providing faculty from renowned universities of the US, UK, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Indian universities like Sharda University offer semester exchange programmes, summer programmes, cultural experience programmes, and opportunities for joint research in partnership with foreign universities.
  1. Easy to obtain student visa: India is an immigration friendly country, and students worldwide have applied for and received a visa to study in Indian universities. 
  1. Climate and cultural similarities: India has many cultural and environmental similarities with African countries, and this is a boon to students from Malawi for studying in India.
  1. Internship and corporate experience: Universities in India offer ample amount of opportunities in companies for internship and employment purposes. Sharda University proactively helps students in getting placements via on and off-campus placement drives, more than 350 MNC’s have placed students in their offices, and the highest package offered was INR 78 lakhs.

In a nutshell, India is a tried and tested location for getting the best education and global experience in classroom learning and corporate working. It is well preferred as compared to its much costlier alternatives in the US, UK, and Europe. Sharda University, a global learning experience, is a one-stop solution for education and placement for Malawi and other international students.