Malawi has long been among the poorest and least developed countries of the world. However, with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, this country has been shoved onto the path to progress. With reducing international aid from the UNESCO and the World Bank, the Malawian economy has to some extent learnt to stand on its own feet. This has given rise to a new need for workers in technical level jobs but the educational infrastructure to train such employees is practically non-existent in Malawi. This is where vocational and other short courses in India for Malawian students come into play.

Various Indian universities that are famous for their high standards of education have several certificate and diploma level courses as well as vocational courses that can help Malawian students to develop a professional set of skills to seek meaningful employment back at home.


Postgraduate diploma courses in India

These courses, generally, have a duration of 1 year to 2 years and are available for Malawian students who have passed their graduate-level of higher education. Such short courses in India for Malawian students require a valid graduation degree from a recognised university. There are several prominent public and private universities in India like Sharda University, that offer highly accredited diploma courses in various disciplines.

Diploma courses in India

Short courses in India for Malawian students can even be in the form of basic diploma courses of various disciplines. To qualify for admission into such courses, Malawian students need to have passed the grade 10 level of higher secondary school and produce a valid examination mark sheet. These courses can run from 6 months to 2 years in India. Malawian students who want to skip their higher secondary school education after grade 10 can apply for such courses to become competent professionals in their desired disciplines.

Certificate courses in India

Certificate courses from prestigious universities in India can be of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or even 2 years. Courses in disciplines like IT, education, agricultural science, and engineering, are some of the most popular short courses in India for Malawian students. Many aspiring students who want to pursue a quick course that can get them a job opt for these certificate courses. Moreover, the knowledge acquired from these certificate courses is widely accepted in most African countries as well.

Vocational training courses in India

The eligibility criteria for such vocational courses in India include either grade 10 or grade 12 equivalent of the Malawian education system. The duration of these short courses in India for Malawian students can be from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the curriculum and the university. Most technician level jobs can be acquired by completing these courses. Besides, not only are these courses short but also fully equip students to compete against the stiff competition of the international employment market.

Short courses at Sharda University India

The Sharda University of Greater Noida in India has several valuable certificate courses and lateral entry programmes for Malawian students. Certificate courses in allied health sciences like nursing and dental hygiene, and certificate courses like language proficiency and cultural studies, are some of the most lucrative short courses in India for Malawian students. Apart from these, Sharda University also accepts lateral entry into technical and business courses.

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