ccording to the 2020 Economic Freedom Index, the Malawian economy has been ranked 152nd amongst all the economies of the world and 34th amongst all other sub-Saharan countries. This indicates that the economic growth of Malawi has been generously moderate in comparison. And, it can be attributed to the generous amounts of rainfall, which contribute to the growth of agriculture in the country. With this economic catalyst, several jobs have been generated in Malawi. From the existing market of Malawi, it has been seen that job opportunities in the fields of health care, law, finance, engineering, education, and marketing are in high demand due to which Malawian students vehemently travel abroad for higher education in order to pursue their careers in these domains back at home.

How can studying in India help Malawian students achieve their dreams?

First and foremost, India, which has been a rapidly developing economy, has many higher education opportunities for both Indians and foreign students so that they can not only acquire professional degrees but also further their career ambitions. This has resulted in a competitive educational environment that is both healthy and fruitful in shaping competent professionals.

Coming to the affordability, higher education in western countries as we all know is extremely expensive. And, many students end up paying back their education loans in the initial years of their professional careers. However, studying in India is rather cost effective as the cost of living is much lower and the tuition fees of renowned universities like Sharda University are much lower than that of reputable universities in the West.

Courses offered by Sharda University to Malawian students

Sharda University is spread out over a vast campus of 63 acres in the Greater Noida region of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. And, learning at this awe-inspiring campus is facilitated by almost 1200 experienced faculty and other academic staff members. The university has made available diploma, undergraduate, and post graduate, as well as certificate courses to both Indian and foreign students. These include degree programmes in law, medicine and health care, IT, engineering, humanities and social sciences, as well as film, mass media and entertainment studies. Programmes like B. Tech, M. Tech, BCA, MCA, B. Com, M. Com, BBA, MBA, LLB, LLM, and MBBS, are available for Malawian students seeking to study in India.

Why do Malawian students choose Sharda University?

Going by the tagline of being a truly global university, Sharda University definitely lives up to it with its visibly colourful and diverse teaching faculty and students that paint the canvas of its campus with all hues of cultural and ethnical diversity. Such a cosmopolitan nature coupled with a robust educational infrastructure that provides Malawian students access to state-of-the-art facilities, makes Sharda University their top choice.

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